Sennheiser IE 200 Wired Earphones Review: Familiar Approach at a Lower Price

While most mainstream non-public audio manufacturers have pivoted toward a wi-fi future, Sennheiser IE 200 is possibly the solely important manufacturer to proceed earnestly on its wired audio portfolio, whilst additionally working on aggressive wi-fi products. This additionally ability that it is amongst the few large names with merchandise made for audiophiles, together with wired headphones and earphones throughout fee points. Among the today’s in the company’s vary is the Sennheiser IE 200, which is priced at Rs. 14,990 in India.

The Sennheiser IE 200 has a comparable shape element and function set to the IE 300 earphones, however is extensively greater affordable. With 3.5mm wired connectivity, removable cables, and a single dynamic driver system, is the Sennheiser IE 200 the pleasant wired IEM headset beneath Rs. 15,000 that you can purchase proper now? Find out in this review.

Sennheiser IE 200 format and specifications

The IE line of wired in-ear video display units from Sennheiser continues astonishing consistency throughout the range, mainly when it comes to design. Everything from the IE 200 to the top-of-the-line IE 900 has the equal usual design, with the variations obvious solely in the colours, textures, and substances used. The IE 200 comes throughout as searching a bit greater simple than the greater highly-priced IE 300, however that isn’t always a dealbreaker via any means.

The building fabric is the identical as on the IE 300 (the true earpieces are plastic), and weigh the equal at 4g every barring the cables attached. Usefully, the cables are removable and replaceable, and the use of the MMCX connector widespread skill that you can swap in any like minded cable from different manufacturers as well. The protected cable has bendy ear hooks and twisted wires that seem pretty nice, however sense much less long lasting than the stable cables on the IE 300 headset. The connector on the cable is a trendy 3.5mm L-shaped stereo plug.

As predicted for an audiophile IEM headset, the protected cable does now not have a microphone. While this kind of match fashion is generally a bit elaborate to put on and take off, I discovered the Sennheiser IE 200 to be pretty handy to cope with and satisfied to wear, with a secure, noise-isolating fit. Also protected in the income package deal is a small leatherette elevate pouch, and a whole of six pairs of ear recommendations — three silicone pairs and three foam pairs, every in small, medium, and massive sizes.

Like the IE 300, the Sennheiser IE 200 has 7mm more large band dynamic drivers, with a frequency response vary of 6-20,000Hz. Despite the use of the identical drivers, there are giant variations between the two in the tuning, which showcases itself in the sound exceptional — greater on that later.

The impedance ranking is barely greater at 18Ohms, however it is nevertheless low ample to be effortlessly pushed via even simple supply gadgets such as smartphones and laptops. That said, for finest performance, I’d advocate the usage of the Sennheiser IE 200 with at least a primary transportable DAC.

Sennheiser IE 200 performance

Unlike wi-fi and authentic wi-fi headsets priced at round Rs. 15,000 or so which are heavy on features, audiophile-grade wired IEMs expectedly have a tendency to put the center of attention completely on sound quality. Sennheiser’s usual opposition in this charge phase comes from ‘Chi-fi’ manufacturers such as Fiio and Moondrop, so the brand’s higher cognizance in India and the truth that the IE 200 is section of an mounted product vary will weigh in its favour.

For my review, I commonly used the Sennheiser IE 200 with my Shanling UA2 transportable DAC, related to both an Android smartphone or my laptop computer as a supply device. This was once an most desirable match, and helped convey out the excellent overall performance from the earphones by way of coping with the statistics from high-resolution audio documents and presenting the proper quantity of amplification to the IE 200. Performance was once first rate sufficient even except the DAC as section of the chain, however it did sound a bit much less vigorous and immersive.

Hooked up to my present day light-weight setup with the Shanling DAC and Apple Music for high-resolution audio tracks, the Sennheiser IE 200 used to be a bundle of fun. The earphones are a bit much less balanced and neutral-sounding than the extra pricey IE 300, however it is nonetheless a detail-oriented sonic signature that offers the mid-range and highs masses of room to shine. That said, the bass did appear to have a bit extra force in it, which I pretty loved with the proper sort of tracks.

Listening to Can’t Stop by using Coucheron with the quantity stage simply a trace above the midway mark, the Sennheiser IE 200 sounded superbly detailed, and articulately captured the upbeat and effective tone of the track. The lows did have a important stage of power which set that phase of the frequency range aside from the rest, however the vocals and melody of the highs felt pretty current and alive.

The in a similar fashion fast-paced and up-tempo Tokyo Night Train (Claes Rosen Remix) with the aid of The Midnight tended to push the bass a bit further; whilst bass fans will revel in the aggression and pressure in the sound, it is a bit of a departure from the expectation of neutrality and tonal center of attention that you would generally have for a pair of audiophile IEMs such as this. While the Sennheiser IE 200 had no hassle retaining up with the quick tempo of the tune and preserving all the factors cohesive and in tune with every other, the bass sounded possibly a bit too forceful.

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