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Turbo Ad Finder extension For Firefox, The one and only tool for finding ideas and products on Facebook, So can enjoy more and more facility from Turbo Ad Finder extension 2.8 For Firefox.



Turbo Ad Finder extension for Firefox

In this paragraph, I am going to discuss the Turbo Ad Finder extension For Firefox, This extension will help you to buy any products you’ll be able to find and sell profitable products, perfect for dropshipping and marketing professionals, It’s so easy to use and install one more thing it’s a totally free extension for every user. Around the world, billions of people are using this extension.

Mozilla Firefox extension is the most secure and privacy-focused web browser. For instance, Turbo Ad Finder extension For Firefox web browser. It has been built to offer you the best in security, privacy, and choice. Maybe, Turbo Ad Finder add-ons developed by the MY AD FINDER. Turbo Ad Finder extension For Firefox has been tested by tech experts and has been found to be trustworthy.

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Turbo Ad Finder extension For Firefox

Are you looking For a Turbo Ad Finder extension For your using Firefox Computer Browser? The article will share the Turbo Ad Finder extension Xpi file for Mozilla Firefox Browser that will make your online browsing experience more secure, easy, and fun.

Mozilla has been making a lot of changes lately. In addition to the new features in Firefox Quantum, Mozilla has also announced that they are going to replace the traditional Turbo Ad Finder extension xpi file For the Firefox web browser. Even more, xpifile.com gives you a great collection of the best extensions to enhance your web browsing experience. You can download these extensions for free on the website below.

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Turbo Ad Finder add-ons Features for Firefox

MY AD FINDER allows you to collect, save & hunt trending ads automatically from your facebook news feed.

MY AD FINDER allows you to auto collect, save & hunt trending facebook ads – Show only ads on your facebook news feed – Tag your favorite ads – supervise reactions to tagged ads.

**Keep scrolling and refreshing your facebook news feed to hunt more ads**

Looking for the perfect free tool to spy on your competitors ads ? Find inspiration for your next ad campaign ? MY AD FINDER is the solution, an automatic facebook ad saver. It allows you to aggregate ads into a single list, tag your favorite ads and get back to your list anytime. To collect quickly more ads, MY AD FINDER allows you to hide organic posts. So all you need is to keep scrolling to aggregate and add more ads to the list of your collected ads.


★ By scrolling on your facebook news feed, MY AD FINDER automatically collects and saves all the ads you see, aggregate them on an easy to read list hosted locally in your Chrome.
★ When you hunt an ad that belongs to your interest you can add it to your favorite items list by one click on the favorite button, later on you can find and supervise all your collected/favorite ads from the collected ads page.

★ To hunt ads quickly, MY AD FINDER allows you to hide all organic posts, so you just need to scroll and refresh to find more ads.
★MY AD FINDER presents all sniped ads in a single list, allowing you to compare ads to each other.
★ MY AD FINDER breaks down a facebook ad by its structural data, allowing you to see the ad’s image/thumbnail, page link, shop link, headlines, ad copy, number of likes, comments, shares and views.

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★ Store owners who try to find trending products to sell.
★ Store owners who want to see ads for similar products.
★ Ad intelligence analysts who try to learn more about competitor’s ads.
★ Ad copy writers who want to get inspirations.
★ Ad creators who seeks for trending ads on facebook.

To get the best of the extension, please follow the above steps:

★ Like and comment on each product that belongs to your interest and click on shop now, to allow facebook to provide you with more similar products that belongs to your interest.
★ If in the first time facebook don’t show you ads, try to like pages that promotes products you’re interested in.

How to install Turbo Ad Finder extension For Firefox?

Here are explains how to install the Turbo Ad Finder extension from the Firefox extension manager.

  • Fast open your Firefox Browser
  • Tap the menu
  • Then click the add-ons menu item
  • Then click the (+) Button
  • Then tap (add) Button
  • After install Firefox extension must be need to enable private browsing.
  • Then tap to (Okay Got it) Finish. Thanks

If you can full fill this step easily download and install in your firefox browser. faintly you have any problem check your browser and again check the download link below.

How do I update Turbo Ad Finder add-ons for Firefox?

When releasing a new version of Turbo Ad Finder extension for Mozilla Firefox, Automatically Update your Firefox Turbo Ad Finder add-ons extension For Firefox Browser. No need for any click.

It has a total of 900+ million users worldwide and 300+ million active users per month.  The (Full Name)  add-ons community that exists around Firefox, the open-source browser extension that is free to use, allows you to customize and control your browsing and surfing experience.

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Conclusion: The Firefox browser is widely used around the world, and the Turbo Ad Finder extension is one of the best ways to get more out of it. You can find out how to download the firefox Extension in our blog post. Which other extensions are you using? Let us know in the comments below!

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